Still Happy 11 Years Later

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I came to Dr. Castillo in 2001 wanting my former breast size back! After having two babies and breast feeding them I went from a full C to a small A. I own a personal training and weight loss studio and have always been into fitness, including lifting, running and teaching classes. As hard as I worked I still did not feel "complete." I even felt embarrassed in front of my husband naked even though there was little body fat on my body.

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With much reluctance I decided to "just talk" with Dr. Castillo. I was very nervous but the staff and Dr. Castillo soon made me feel I had made the right decision coming for the consultation. Dr. Castillo and his staff were very conservative and understanding about my lifestyle and gave me a lot of information to think about. He even suggested that I go running my normal running schedule with a "pre-baby" size C bra filled with birdseed or rice to help assist in my decision of size. I did just that…snickering the whole run thinking…if only people knew what was under here. I decided to go with about the same size as I had prior to being a mother. I also decided to go with saline, under the muscle.

Once I had made my decision and a date had been set, I was extremely impressed with the staff. The anesthesiologist, Jerry, even called me the night before to ask if I had any further questions. When I arrived the morning of the surgery everyone was very attentive and professional. I honestly can say I've never been through a smoother procedure. Jerry was awesome and had such a great bedside manner. He made me feel so comfortable, as well as Stephanie the OR Tech. After the surgery I came home and was able to move around much better than I expected and did not need pain pills. I actually started teaching aerobics (lightly) two days after surgery (although Dr. Castillo did not recommend this and doesn't know that until now :). Dr. Castillo also called me the evening after my surgery. What an awesome Doctor!

Eleven years later, I have been very happy with my surgery and have had no problems. I have won several all-natural body building awards and continue my active lifestyle. I had an unexpected baby 10 months ago at age 39 and I was able to breast feed him with no problems. This was amazing to me!

I recently decided to have Dr. Castillo increase my size a bit. I think I just felt that after this last baby I needed to go a bit bigger although Dr. Castillo felt they still looked great from the surgery 11 years ago. I was impressed that many of the same staff members were still there! As a small business owner, I think this says something significant about the quality of his practice and only accentuates the character of Dr. Castillo. I woke up after surgery with Roxanne and Dr. Castillo at my side. Roxanne cared for me through the entire recovery process and filled me in on what to expect over the next few weeks, making it another smooth, comforting experience at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery.

I love the decision that I made with my body and with my surgical staff. I recommend if you have thought about augmentation or a cosmetic procedure that you speak with Dr. Castillo about your options. My experience has been nothing but the BEST! I am thrilled to have him as my surgeon and recommend him to my clients and friends.

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