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Press Releases

Plastic Surgeon Offers Graduated Profile Changes for Cheeks and Chins
Dr. G.D. Castillo, an experienced plastic surgery specialist in Savoy, Illinois, has developed a method of facial enhancement for his patients using a graduated method to improve their profiles... Read More »

Savvy Credit Consumers Now Have New Options for Plastic Surgery in Savoy IL
For those interested in a plastic surgery procedure such as breast augmentation or liposuction in Champaign IL, the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Clinic now has a range of financing options for smart consumers... Read More »

Liposuction Specialist in Savoy, IL Offers 2 Months of Specials
Dr. G.D. Castillo, a cosmetic surgeon with offices in Savoy and Champaign, features February and March specials, including IPL and Micro-Fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing... Read More »

Champaign Area Cosmetic Surgery Practice Expands Savoy Office
With the addition of a beautiful new "Skin Restoration and Laser Institute," Dr. G.D. Castillo is offering his Savoy patients a space where they can discover the latest skin restoration treatments, medical grade skincare, and mineral cosmetics in addition to his traditional cosmetic surgery in Savoy and Champaign... Read More »

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